Sound Bites-NYC

July 27, 2007

ABBOCCATTO, 136 W 55, 212-265-4000. Creative Italian cooking across from City Center from the people who have brought you Molyvos and Oceana. Try the lemon roast chicken. It plus an appetizer will be enough for two … and delicious. (May, 2007)

LA TRADIZIONALE, 41 West 57th St, 212-245-2422. This is not a destination restaurant but if you find yourself in the area as we did and want a bite this is an address to remember. We started with excellent fried calamari and then Gary had a nice scallop risotto while Varian enjoyed a tasty steak salad. Since it was still raining, we weren’t in a hurry to leave so the friendly waiter poured as some Moscato d”Asti. It is part of a chain which includes the Trattoria dell’Arte on 7th and Café Fiorello across from Lincoln Center. They know how to run a restaurant. (July, 2007)

MONKEY BAR, 60 East 54, 212-838-2600. After a major overhaul, Patricia Yeo created an up market Asian fusion restaurant in the same mold as Sapa and some of her other ventures. This one has a limited number of appealing and delicious dishes. Since there is a huge bar crowd, enter through the hotel rather than trying to brave the crowds. (July, 2007)

O MAI, 158 Ninth Avenue (between 19th and 20th), 212-633-0550. Great Vietnamese food in a white tablecloth environment. (July, 2007)

THALASSA, 179 Franklin Street, 212-941-7661. This Greek restaurant has the freshest seafood and fish imaginable. Evidently the owners are in the wholesale fish business so have access to the best of the day. Most of the fish is grilled and perfectly grilled at that.. The décor is modern and elegant, the service is efficient, and the noise level allows for conversation. (July, 2007)


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