rd.jpgThe chef prepares before the arrival of the guests.He uses all six burners on the stove.









The magnum of 1990 Chateau Pradeaux (Bandol) wine is decanted. The table is set.



The sun was setting as we sat down.



The first course is a seared sea scallop with fresh tarragon, sugar snap peas and watermelon.



The second course is a slice of halibut filet and a roasted beet.



The third course is raviolis with sauteed eggplant and sweet pepper slices.



The fourth course is shiitakes, a big mushroom, garlic scapes and and prosciutto.



The fifth course is a piece of lamb sausage, broccoli and polenta with saffron.



The sixth course is a broiled chicken thigh with truffled tapanade served with forbidden rice.



We finished with cheese and port.




Everyone is concentrating on the food.



Someone has to clean up this mess.


One Response to “A New York dinner party”

  1. muriel et henri Says:

    tous ces beaux et certainement très bon plats ont du enchanter vos convives…
    sacré Mickaël!!! il ne changera jamais, son plaisir est dans la bonne cuisine!!!
    quant à la vaisselle? et bien la machine s’en chargera……
    félicitations encore au chef

    mais pour vous Linda, les progrès se voient à chaque peinture que vous créez, j’aime particulièrement vos bouquets de fleurs. les couleurs sont merveilleuses, mais tous les autres sont très jolis aussi c’est un bon moment de détente de les regarder,

    Muriel et Henri

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