Oceana, NYC 2

May 21, 2008

When we went to Oceana in December, Linda and I decided that it is the best fish and seafood restaurant in New York. Our return visit with John on May 20, 2008 reconfirmed that opinion.


We ordered aperitifs. With the meal we enjoyed two bottles of Whetstone viognier, Catie’s Corner Vineyard (Russian River Valley.) We had the last bottle of the 2004, which was slightly flinty and a bottle of the 2006 which seemed more buttery. The sommelier thought that perhaps Whetstone had changed the oaking.



The amuse-gueule was a tidbit of maya shrimp and a little glass of asparagus soup.




John’s first course was the Maine Peekytoe Crabcake, pickled cucumbers, Tat Soi, Fresh Wasabi Lime Sauce. He thought it was terrific.



Linda started with the Ragout of Frog Legs, Strozzapreti Pasta, Picholine Olives, Fennels & Rosemary, a fabulous combination.



My first course were House Made Potato Gnocchi, Calamari, Clams, Maine Shrimp, Meyer Lemon, Basil.



John went on to Rock Fish Bouillabaisse, Mussels, Baby Vegetables, Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes, Piquillo Rouille.




Linda’s main course was Crispy Artic Char, Buckwheat Spaetzle, Melted Leeks, Lingonberry Caraway Jus.



Mine was Grilled Hawaiian Monchong, Plantain Curry, Stir Fried Napa, Coconut Glaze. The mild tropical flavors blended nicely.



For dessert, John and Linda had a mousse with strawberries.




My dessert was the Frozen Banana Mousse, Sticky Lemon Rice, Black Pepper Meringue.




There was a little plate of mignardises.


The whole meal had been excellent. The ingredients were top quality.  The dishes all had imaginative variations on traditional themes. We shall return. 







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