Rigsby’s Kitchen, Columbus, Ohio

May 8, 2008

Rigsby’s Kitchen has been my (Linda’s) favorite restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, since niece Rebecca introduced it to me about 20 years ago. It is a restaurant where one can relax and well, it is the most New York-like spot I know in Columbus besides the Columbus Museum of Fine Art.  So on May 2, 2008, my niece Rebecca, her husband Chuck and my sister Barbara and I met for dinner at this now-venerable Short North (High Street) restaurant and veteran CountryEpicure reader Rebecca rightly suggested that we offer you our first Ohio blog posting!We started the evening with a nice bottle of California Vinum viognier. Later we shared a good bottle of Haven’s 2003 Merlot.

Chuck chose the very good, crisp calamari starter that was on Rigsby’s “small plate” specials list. Rebecca selected the arancine rice balls from the list; the name of this Sicilian specialty of breaded and fried stuffed rice balls means “little oranges.” She said they were tasty, but not memorable.  The rice inside the arancine was risotto-like, and the proscuitto and mozzerella flavors were not particularly strong.  She enjoyed eating the rest of Chuck’s calamari with the delightful, light lemon dipping sauce that accompanied the dish that was quite large, for a small plate. 

My first course was a half order of hand-made Potato Gnocchi, Prosciutto di Parma, Basil, Tomato and Balsamico, good and just the right size.  Barbara had the Prosciutto de Parma, Arugula and Fig Vinaigrette salad, which she said was okay but much too much food for a starter.  


Rebecca and I liked very much Seared Scallops and Warm Chard-Blood Orange Salad as our main course.  Barbara had the crispy calamari as her main course because I had ordered it the night before.
(Yes, Barbara and I were repeat visitors because as the lead of this posting relates, this is our favorite Columbus restaurant).  Without photos we report that May 1 Barbara had a delicious Shrimp Risotto with Radicchio and a special arugula/cranberry/onion salad. My main course May 1 was the evening’s special pasta: egg fettucini with spring vegetables, which was fine but nothing special. But our glasses of Veuve Cliquot had started our evening well.

Chuck’s main course May 2 was the Maple Roasted Lamb Rack, Spring Carrots, Candied Cipolline. He thought it was perfectly cooked, absolutely delicious.  His one complaint was that the portion was not larger.  He even mentioned that, had he not been in polite company, he would have eaten the meat right off the bone and licked the plate clean.


Rebecca had the Lemon, Rosemary Panna Cotta with Fresh Fruit and Pistachio Tuille.  This was nice and light, but the scent of the rosemary was almost overpowering, like body lotion, and gave the dessert an almost artificial taste until one reached the lemon panna cotta at the bottom of the glass.




Chuck had a delicious Butterscotch Budino with Crème Fraiche and Fleur de Sel for dessert; like an extraordinary crème brulée.  The burnt crust was a delightful blend of salt and sugar.



Barbara and I shared the Cassata Italiana, a raspberry spongecake with berry sorbet and vanilla gelato. It was a fine end to our good meal.


We were delighted to be together and very happy to be back at Rigsby’s. Rebecca, Barbara and I finished the evening on the sidewalk outside Rigsby’s posing for a family photo.


4 Responses to “Rigsby’s Kitchen, Columbus, Ohio”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Nicely done.
    Three great looking ladies having a nice time in Columbus.

  2. Becky Says:

    Thank you again for a lovely evening at our favorite restaurant! We had a great time- it’s so nice to have a wonderful “home base” restaurant in Columbus.
    Becky and Chuck

  3. Barbara Says:

    Dining with Becky, Linda, and Chuck was a relaxing
    Hi-light on Friday night. Our wine toasts started our
    evening with a positive note followed by the delicious
    main courses. The artistic and enjoyable desserts added visual and sweet ending to a wonderful meal for the evening. Just what we each needed !

  4. ruth curry Says:

    I enjoyed reading about Rigsby’s Kitchen and looking at the food. Sounds very interesting as I haven’t been there. I’m not lamb chop fan, but the desserts looked delicious.

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