The Chinese food market area, San Francisco

April 16, 2008

On January 26, 2008, Linda and I had just started our around the world trip. We went to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco and I posted my photos of it to the blog a week later, but I never did get around to putting up my photos of the Chinese food market area where I went later that morning. And so now, when we have finished our journey and are back in New York, I have taken the time to organize the photos and post them.




A twenty minute walk northwest from the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building brings one to Broadway and Stockton. The two blocks along Stockton to Jackson are lined on both sides with food shops. They were packed with people selecting and buying food on Saturday, January 26. I’ll have to leave most of these photos without explanation as I do not know what the items were.




There were many Chinese vegetables and fruits, including lotus root, winter melon, litchis etc.





The butcher shops sold many types of prepared food.






The fish and eels were fresh, many of them still swimming in tanks.





 There were also many dried ingredients, including shark’s fin, sea cucumber, squid etc.




Chinese New Year was the following week. Cards for The Year of the Rat showed a cuddly little rat. Jade and jewelry were evident.



These sample birthday cakes at a bakery were terrific. This old goat would have ordered the green dragon.






2 Responses to “The Chinese food market area, San Francisco”

  1. Jo-Ann Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Your Around the World with Linda and Mike blog has been absolutely wonderful. The writing is superb, the photography super. What fun to read about your travels in almost real time. I look forward to personally visiting some of Country Epicure’s features.

    Best wishes,

  2. George Says:

    The question is: did you get any sea cucumber?

    The Chinese say they eat anything that flies and is not an airplane, that’s in the water and not a ship, that crawls and not a train, that has four legs and is not a table, has two legs and is not a family member.

    Your pictures seem to confirm it, George

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