Marshall’s, Myalup, Western Australia

February 27, 2008

On February 22, 2008 Linda and I had lunch at Marshall‘s beside the coastal highway about half way on our three hour drive between the Margaret River area and Fremantle. Western Australia is becoming fabulously wealthy due to exports of iron, coal, uranium, copper, wool and sheep. Many successful people in Perth have built weekend retreats to the south. Housing developments, wineries, upscale art galleries etc are proliferating. Marshall‘s is strategically located to serve this prosperous and trendy crowd on their weekly drives.

Marshall’s, or Ma Marshall’s to the local folks in Myalup, does not fall into the common Australian restaurant trap of trying to be too complex. In fact, for the serious diner it only sells one Australian classic, Bushman’s Pie, with a choice of two flavors: regular or curry.





kd3.jpg kk1.jpg kl1.jpg

ke3.jpg kf2.jpg



My pie had just the right amount of curry to offset the richness of the ground emu meat. Linda was happy with her plain emu pie.



Don’t let any Italian know that I had a cappuccino with lunch. Linda was happy with her bottle of apple juice. There were no mignardises and so we ended another good Australian meal and got back on the road to Fremantle.




Old Coast Road

08 9720 1167


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