Mead’s Mosman Park, Western Australia

February 21, 2008

On February 16, 2008 Linda, Tony and I had lunch at Mead’s, a lovely restaurant on a pier extending into the Swan River. It is in Mosman Park, an upscale suburb between Perth and the ocean.

We had a table with a view of the sailboat races on the Swan this Saturday, of the pair of pelicans which seem to be at home at this pier, of the big power yacht arriving at the pier to pick up one of the Mosman Park bigshots and of the sunlight on the water.


We ordered a bottle of the Leeuwin Estates Sauvignon Blanc.

. mb7.jpg
Linda and Tony started with the Blue Manor crab & avocado cocktail, red pepper coulis, basil. They thought it was very good.


My first course was the Chilled steamed prawns, barley tabbouleh, coriander yoghurt & sesame salt. Nice.


Linda went on to the Shell Fish Souflee, cress leaves and lemon jus. It was delicate with a lovely flavor of shellfish extraction.


Tony had the Seafood hotpot, miso & leeks, which he enjoyed.


My main was the Chili salt squid, green paw paw salad & crushed peanuts. Not too spicy, just right.

We skipped dessert. It had been a fine lunch in a lovely, relaxing setting.


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