The Sea Grill in Rockefeller Center

January 13, 2008

January 10, 2008 we went to The Sea Grill in Rockefeller Center with Ron and June before a performance of The Seafarer. We were shown to a table right by the glass wall that fronts on the skating rink and were able to watch skaters with a wide range of skills during our meal. We ordered the first of two bottles of 2006 Alban (California Central Coast) Viognier. It goes well with any kind of fish or seafood.


The amuse-gueule was a little spoonful of tuna with spicy sesame paste.


Ron and June started with the Roasted beet salad with goat cheese, horseradish cream and pumpkin seed vinaigrette.


Lindas first course was the Peekytoe crab salad with endive, honeycrisp apples and Meyer lemon vinaigrette.


I started with the HamachiTataki” with apple, miso and scallion vinaigrette.  The hamachi, or white northern Pacific tuna, had been very lightly seared, but was close to sashimi. The interleaved apple slices made a nice contrast.

June’s main course was the Pink snapper à la plancha.

Linda went on to the Yellowfin tuna à la plancha.


Ron had the Miso glazed black pomfret with snow peas, ginger and roasted garlic.

My main course was the Buccatini pasta alla “Livornese” with cockle clams, mussels, calimari and Maine lobster. The portion was very generous. The light tomato base of the sauce did not hide the flavor of the seafood, which included plenty of lobster.


Ron had The Sea Grill key lime pie with Angostora bitters glaze and fresh cream for dessert. The rest of us had coffee and skipped the dessert.


There was a nice little plate of mignardises.

All in all the cuisine was fine without being memorable. The service was excellent and the ambience is quite exceptional looking out on the skating rink. In summer the doors are opened and one dines outside.

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