Restaurant Christian Plumail

January 11, 2008

54, Bd, J. Jaurès, 04 93 62 32 22

(December 11, 2007).  During the four years in which the tram was being built out front of this restaurant, we avoided this old standby.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of others did too, but Plumail struggled through the disruption and kept his star.

Now the restaurant is very light and airy in the front room and almost feels as though one is looking out into a park rather than onto the Boulevard Jean Jaurès. 

However, today’s three-course menu, “Saveurs d’Automne” at 44€, was a disappointment.The first courses were rather bland and the main course–we both had cerf–was a “brown” dish. 

Everything on it was brown from the sauce to the meat to the vegetables.  There was not even a sprig of parsley to relieve the monotony of the plate.

The tastes were OK, but overall the cooking just seemed tired.  What are not tired, however, are the desserts.  It is almost worth the price of a meal to experience the fabulous desserts, but not quite.


We are clearly in the minority.  Since we were sitting next to the cash register, we could hear several people make reservations for their next visit as they collected their coats.

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