December 7, 2007

3-7 Maddox Street, 020 7499 6008
(November 10, 2007)

This is one of four upscale Thai restaurants by the same name in London. The dining room team at this branch is just delightful. The décor is elegant, with linen tablecloths, fresh cactus on the tables and big windows looking out onto the street. Even the rest rooms are gorgeous, with lots of wood and showy orchids. Starters were some spicy wafers  that were addictive.We passed up the business lunch at £15 which were a variety of small dishes all served at once on a large platter. Instead, we shared an assortment of steamed dumplings, prawn, chicken and pork (£6.50) and charcoal grilled beef and prawns in betel nut leaves with a sweet chili sauce (£7.50).We followed with a chicken brochette, basted with a garlic and coriander infused oil, and served with a hot chili dip (£12.50) and red coconut beef curry with Thai eggplant (£13.95). Everything was delicious and authentic and well worth a return visit.


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