Le Caprice

December 7, 2007

Arlington Street, 020 7629 2239

(November 25, 2007) On this rather dreary Sunday, we planned to have a very late lunch near our Quintess apartment at 5 St. James’s  St. There are lots of nice restaurants in the neighborhood, but seemingly none of them open on Sunday.  Finally, we stumbled into Le Caprice at 2:30, and wonder of wonders, they had a table for us right away. The place was packed, and there was even a line when we left at 4:00. There was only a brunch menu, not usually our favorite type of meal, but there were enough lunch/dinner dishes to work for us. Gary started with a steak tartare and followed it with penne with a hare ragu. Varian started with the puntarella and artichokes in the classic anchovy dressing, hoping the puntarella would at least be reminiscent of the delicacy found in Rome at this time of year. Unfortunately this version was thick stalks and sort of bitter, while the Roman dish was thin curls, sold in the market by a vanishing breed of ladies who schooled in the art of curling. Varian’s sweetbreads and mushrooms on toast more than made up for the disappointment. We shared a Caesar salad and found the food quite good and the place had a nice buzz as one would expect from a place where one goes to spot royals (or did when Diana was alive and a regular at Le Caprice).


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