Le Café de Paris, Monte Carlo 3

October 9, 2007

There are occasions when there really isn’t any good alternative to the Café de Paris. October 5, 2007, Linda and I went to an 8:30 recital at the Salle Garnier with David, Frédérique and Tanya. So we met at the Café de Paris for dinner beforehand. But, unlike previous experiences, all the food was quite good. We ordered a bottle of Château Roubine, a provençal red wine which is always at least okay. 


I was the only one to order a starter, the Hure de Saumon. Salmon is usually a bad choice in all but the best restaurants as it is farmed and doesn’t have any taste. But this was on the menu of the day and I hoped would have been put into this terrine of jellied fish stock with pink peppercorns when it was reasonably fresh. And so it was. The fish stock had a good strong flavor of the sea. I enjoyed it.



Linda ordered the goujonettes de poisson, or breaded fish sticks; that may not sound good, but they were fresh and flavorful. They were served with a nice zucchini risotto.



Frédérique had the steak tartare which she thought was seasoned just right. Tanya had a hamburger with fries.



David and I ordered the boudin noir from the menu of the day. Two blood sausages were served with browned potatoes, onions and fennel on top of a rich meat glaze. They were excellent. 

We skipped dessert; had coffee and walked next door to the recital.


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  1. Tanya Says:

    I love That you put me on the site !!! 🙂

    Tanya xx

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