Le Cilantro, Arles

September 30, 2007

On September 21, 2007, Linda and I dined at Le Cilantro on a festive little street in Arles which curves up from the Roman theater and  arena towards the summer garden. The street has many restaurants, bars, discos etc for both Arlésiens and tourists, but Le Cilantro is clearly the class act. The décor is quite plain, but the service is friendly and efficient. 

I had the house apéritif: peach juice, amaretto and champagne while Linda had just the peach juice in hers. They were served with little madeleines and tapenade.  



The amuse-gueule was a cream of yellow tomatoes with a fried shrimp. We ordered a bottle of the Domaine Hauvette which we had enjoyed at L’Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel two nights before. 



Linda’s first course was sautéed foie gras on toast with girolles and young leeks. She pronounced it excellent. Girolles are a sub-species of chanterelles, a much appreciated wild mushroom. They are slightly stronger in texture and flavor than other chanterelles. The chef used them freely the evening we were there. 



I started with lobster on a crispy wafer with yellow tomato marmalade. 



Linda went on to the roast saddle of Sisteron lamb with girolles and beets.  



My main course was filet of Charolais beef roasted in a hazelnut crust. It was served on braised oxtails, which made it really rich. Girolles on top of shallot marmalade was a nice accompaniment.  



The pre-dessert was made from litchis and passion fruit and served in a glass.  



Linda’s dessert was yellow plums on a crunchy biscuit with pistachio ice cream.  



My dessert was peaches and  in a verbena soup with a champagne sorbet. 



There was a nice plate of mignardises.


We were very happy that we chose Le Cilantro. Jérôme Laurent, the 33-year-old chef, relies on seasonal fresh ingredients, well-prepared with imagination and well-presented. It is to his credit that he can maintain his high standards in such a touristy setting. Bravo.



Le Cilantro 

31 rue Porte de Laure

Arles – 13200 

Téléphone : 04 90 18 25 05 

Closed Sunday and Monday  


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