Alexandre, Nîmes

September 27, 2007

Terry and Helga invited Linda and me for lunch at Alexandre on September 21, 2007. We started with two of the house aperitifs: mine had an essence of pine topped with Champagne, quite unusual and nice. Olive madeleines were served with it. 

The restaurant is in a small private walled park outside of Nîmes, near its airport. The dining room is spacious with the tables set well apart. The chef, Michel Kayser, came around to shake hands shortly after we arrived.

There were three amuses-gueule: 
Little ice cream cones with carrot sorbet;
Macaroons filled with a truffle cream;

Spaghetti of potatoes with a slice of truffle in the middle and one on top. The truffles were quite flavourful; it wasn’t clear to me if they were very good summer truffles or early winter ones. 

Terry ordered a bottle of 1995 Château La Nerthe Château-Neuf-du-Pape. It went well with the meal.  


Linda, Helga and Terry started with the Courgette fleur soufflée à la mousseline de truffe de Provence ; Fine tartelette à la brunoise de légumes et morilles. The dish was excellent.


My first course was the Lapin cuit doucement aux aromates de garrigue servi façon “pique-nique” ; Quelques feuilles vertes à l´huile des Costières. The pieces of slowly cooked rabbit had been put into a cellophane bag, topped with vegetables and chilled, which formed a nice natural jelly.  

Helga continued with the Pièce d´agneau “allaiton” rôtie ; Cromesqui de ris au fromage de chèvre ; Tuile à la roquette. She enjoyed this lamb plate. Terry’s main course was Gigotin de Baudroie rôti, arrosé aux embruns du Sud ; Tomates farcies mi-confites au four et croûte d´olives noires. He liked this Provençale treatment of monkfish.

Linda continued with the Ris de veau rôti en sauteuse ; Oignons cebette à la plancha et artichauts « bouquet » sautés à crus ; Jus réduit au thym citron parsemé de menthe. She was happy with this veal sweetbread dish and amazed at the crispness and flavor of the artichokes. 


My main course was the Calisson de Pied, langues et ris d´agneau en croûte d´herbes ; Aligot à ma manière et côtes de blette étuvées ; Jus aux éclats de truffes. Lamb tongue and sweetbreads had been cooked in a natural casing topped with chopped herbs and served on a truffled reduction sauce. Two stuffed lamb’s feet and a package of braised chard ribs were served alongside, as was a little dish of puréed potatoes and cheese. I know this kind of cuisine is not for everyone, but I love it.   


For dessert Linda and I had the Feuilletage cuit à l´abandon ; alvéoles en gelée de fraises et livêche ; Granité à la ” Mara des Bois. “ This was three different treatments of strawberries. 


Terry and Helga had the Deux petits babas au chocolat aux deux saveurs glacées : réglisse et Baileys. They enjoyed the two rich chocolate pastries with licorice and Irish whisky fillings.

The meal was very enjoyable with imaginative and complex cuisine.  None of the dishes were disappointing. This is a restaurant for those who are looking for a special occasion, which was appropriate for our reunion with Terry and Helga.   


One Response to “Alexandre, Nîmes”

  1. John howell Says:

    What a fanciful menu and fantasy dishes! What fotos and what a fantastic dining experience. Hungry for more courses.

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