Le Mayssa, Villefranche

September 21, 2007

Villefranche-sur-Mer, PLACE WILSON,

(September 13, 2007) On the second floor of the port building in the large parking lot is a restaurant with one of the coast’s better terraces. Le Maysse is the new tenant, and it offers some of the freshest fish around.

Four of us ate there one night, enjoying the clear, warm night, the generously spaced tables, and our fish.  Two of us had the dorade which was roasted with fennel and perfectly cooked.

 Other dishes included a loup, also grilled to perfection and a brochette of lotte.  None of us were terribly hungry so we had no entrees, but they gave us each a small glass of a sort of ceviche that was terrific and some batter fried shrimp. 

Dessert was unnecessary as they brought out four small mousses and cookies.  We drank a Chateau Roubine which was fairly priced.  Even the fish, at about 30€ per serving, seems fairly priced for a whole fish.


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