Annisa – NYC – 2

August 20, 2007

On August 17, 2007 Linda and I went back to Annisa with Chuck and Becky. Our meal there a few weeks before had been excellent. We had the tasting menu then; this time we ordered from the à la carte choices.


if.jpgOn sitting down we ordered a bottle of the 2006 Penner Ash (Rogue River Valley) Viognier, which we had enjoyed the last time. We eventually ordered a second bottle. Then we had Annisa’s last bottle of 2003 “Don Miguel Vineyard” Marimar Torres Estates (Russian River) Pinot Noir, which we had also liked before. 


The amuse-gueule was little pastry cups filled with salt cod brandade. 



Becky started with the tuna with three mints. She said that it was fantastic and could easily be a main course if only larger. All three tuna preparations were delicious. One could easily taste the mint, which was not at all overpowering, more like a nice surprise.



Chuck and Linda started with the Seared Foie Gras with Soup Dumpling and Jicama. They were given three dumplings; only one comes with the tasting menu. They thought this imaginative dish was terrific. 



My first course was the Salad of Lobster and Sweet Corn with Caviar and Sea Urchin.  The ingredients were fresh and well prepared.



Becky’s main course was the Miso Marinated Sable with Crispy Silken Tofu in a Bonito Broth. She enjoyed it a lot, particularly the bonito broth.



Chuck went on to Grilled Australian Lamb Tenderloin with Szechuan Peppercorn, White Soybeans and Garlic Chives. He said that it was a very nice dish. The peppercorn added a welcome touch of heat and the beans accompanied the lamb very well.



Linda continued with veal tenderloin with a crisp deep fried sweetbread, pistachio purée and a leek gratin. She was pleased with the dish.



My main course was Pan Roasted Farm Chicken with Sherry, White Truffle and Pig Feet. It was good, but the sauce was a bit gooey. Perhaps I should expect that with pig feet.





For dessert Becky had the Meyer lemon bread pudding with poppy seeds.  It was buttery and light.



Chuck had the Chocolate biscuit with banana mousse. The biscuit was warm, the mousse cool, an excellent combination of temperature and flavors.



Linda had the tarte of thinly sliced apples surrounded by a rich caramel sauce with a scoop of ice cream. Chuck tasted Linda’s dessert and said he would order it the next time.



I had the cheesecake with citrus. It was lovely.   



The mignardises were peppermint truffles, candied ginger and coconut popsicles.

We had a very good time. I think that the tasting menu might be more fun, but its small portions are frustrating for some of the courses. By ordering à la carte we each had enough of our choices fully to appreciate Annisa’s excellent menu.

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One Response to “Annisa – NYC – 2”

  1. Becky Says:

    It was a wonderful meal with lovely company- thank you again for a fantastic evening! Chuck and Becky

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