Sosa Borella – NYC

August 4, 2007

nf.jpgnf.jpgnb.jpgOn August 3, 2007 I went to an overacted and undersung revival of The Fantasticks with my sister-in-law Barbara. Well, I know that El Gallo is supposed to be Mexican, but his overbearing attitude could more easily be Argentine, which is the theme of this restaurant just around the corner from the theater at 8th Avenue and 50th Street. 

On entering we were dismayed by the noise level; there was a boisterous crowd around the bar in front; dining tables were in the rear. Happily, we were led upstairs to a pleasant, quiet dining room.


nb.jpgOur efficient Filipino waiter took our order for two glasses of 2005 Caoba (Mendoza, Argentina) Chardonnay. It had a full chardonnay flavor, but was a bit astringent. On the waiter’s recommendation we ordered a bottle of 2004 Luigi Barca “single vineyard” (Mendoza) Malbec. It went well with the beef, as expected, but could have used some time in a decanter.  Homemade bread and a small dish of basil-flavored olive oil was put on the table.   

Barbara’s first course was ROASTED BEET SALAD with Grilled endives, goat cheese, sherry vinaigrette over mesclun.   



I started with GRILLED POLENTA AND VEGETABLES topped with goat cheese and herbs. The polenta, Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes were hot off the grill. The zucchini slices and red pepper were less interesting.  



She continued with LOMO: Grilled Filet Mignon with chimichurri, roasted scallions, side of mashed potatoes. Classic Argentine Chimichurri is made from chopped parsley, dried oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and paprika with olive oil. 




My main course was BIFE ALLA SOSA BORELLA: Grilled strip steak with chimichurri on a bed of arugula, side of french fries. The strip steak was flavorful, but I think it was American corn-fed beef, not Argentine grass-fed.  It was really enhanced by the chimichurri. The filet mignon was very tender, but had less flavor. Both were nicely grilled, but were not as charred as I would have liked. Barbara liked her silky mashed potatoes. My French fries were very good, thinly sliced and crispy without being oily; I only needed half as many. The dish would have been more elegant if they had put on more chimichurri and left off the ketchup for the fries, but it was too tempting not to use.  

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough appetite or time to order dessert. The menu included three Argentine specialties:     

Bread Pudding with dulce de leche

Crepes with dulce de leche

Flan with dulce de leche 

I would return to Sosa Borella the next time we are going to a theater in the northern part of the district. I would skip the apéritif and the first course. Then I could have the strip steak and a bottle of a good Malbec, followed by one of the dulce de leche desserts. 


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