November 23, 2006

For several years we have enjoyed having light meals at Sushi-à-Go-Go or at Ollie’s before performances at Lincoln Center, but we had not found an equivalent place in the theater district.  On November 22, 2006, we went for the aoki-2.jpgsecond time to a new restaurant, Aoki, 234 West 48th Street, 212-956-2356, and were happy with it.  The cuisine was very good and seemingly authentically Japanese, although there were few Japanese among the sparse pre-theater clientèle.    The four of us shared two carafes of the Wakatake sake, which I found excellent: a full flavor without being cloying.  Els had a Spider Roll (with soft shell crab) and a California Roll; Linda: a Spider Roll and an Eel Avocado Roll; Kees: a Dragon Roll (another version of eel and avocado,) two Uni (sea urchin) sushi, two Ikura (salmon roe) sushi (the toro he wanted was out of season;) I had an Aoki Spider Roll (wrapped in a radish skin,) an Eel Avocado Roll and one Uni susho.   That was plenty for a pre-theater meal.   We all felt that the ingredients were very fresh, well-prepared and beautifully presented.   



One of the other tables had a beautiful looking plate of shrimp tempura; there is a wide variety of Japanese cuisine on the menu and one could order a more substantial meal.  We could see the three sushi and sashimi chefs working aoki-4.jpgbehind the counter which fronts on the dining room, but there must be another chef in a kitchen behind.    The décor is stark Japanese modern with a waterfall over a stone wall on one side and a samurai mural on the other.  The service is friendly, fast and efficient, but I don’t know how it would be if the restaurant were full.  One negative note is the music which doesn’t let up from its modern beat. 


On February 7, 2007, Linda and I went for lunch before a matinee.  The lunch menu is quite limited, but all one needs before a play and the prices are very reasonable.  We had various sushi rolls and they were good.   

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