November 14, 2006

As an alternative to Sushi-à-Go-Go when we want a meal which is not too heavy or serious before a performance at Lincoln Center we go to Ollie’s, at 1991 Broadway between 67th and 68th Streets. image006.jpg This is one of four in a small chain of Chinese restaurants and noodle shops, but we find some of the food to be quite good.  The service is always friendly and efficient.  The star item is the turnip image009.jpgcakes, fried flat square cakes of mashed and reformed turnips with just the right amount of soy etc.  The photo shows me eating one during our lunch November 11, 2006.  We also usually order the littleneck clams with black bean sauce; they are in the bowl in front of Linda in the photo, but they didn’t seem as good as usual this time.  We started with some very disappointing vegetable spring rolls and some surprisingly good scallion pancakes.  The braised spinach, which we’ve had other times, is quite good.   I usually drink beer at Ollie’s, but this time I had two glasses of the house merlot, which went well.  


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