Chichibio – Genoa

October 22, 2006


Via Davide Chiossone 20R

Tel: 39-010-247-6191

They were recommended to us by the Garibaldi Café on October 17, 2006.  Chichibio is located close to the Bristol Hotel, with a very modern, but tasteful décor. They showed a wonderful selection of white truffles at 4800 €uro the kg. and, based on your choice, weighed the truffle in front of you.  We had 50 grams for the four of us, which was perfect. With buttered tagliatelle, done to perfection, and covered with truffles, the plate was a dream. The menu included a red mushroom salad, beautifully presented, but which I found tasteless, but is considered a delicacy. Since this is also a wine bar, they have recommended wines for every dish which you can order by the glass. We had to send back a bottle of white that was corked, as well as a glass of chardonnay Tenta Kranze, that was tasteless. Both were quickly replaced. The red Barbaresco Borgese-Pierro 2003 was excellent.  The bill, including two deserts shared between the four of us, came to 400 € for four.  Contributed by David.


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