The Oyster Bar

September 3, 2006

oysterbar.jpgThe Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station has been a solid fixture of midtown Manhattan eating since 1913. I often go there for a convenient, quick lunch at the counter when I am near 42nd Street. Three of us went for an unhurried lunch on August 15, 2006.   

The three appetizers were:  she-crab soup, which was floury; fried calamari and a half-dozen little necks, both of which were okay.  But the three main courses were quite disappointing.  While filet of halibut, the arctic char and the pan-blackened swordfish were not bad, all three came with oysterbar2.jpginsipid boiled mixed vegetables which wrecked the whole effect.  I will go back to The Oyster Bar, but will stick with the baoysterbar3.jpgsics: the raw bar and the pan roasts. There is a huge, well-priced wine list on the reverse of the big menu.  Our service was friendly, fast and efficient.  One has a choice of the big, red-checkered-cloth restaurant; the counters for single diners or the saloon with an old-time atmosphere, usually requiring reservations.  MR


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