Grotta Marina in Noli

May 27, 2006

On May 23, 2006, Karyn, Blair, Linda and I had lunch at Grotta Marina in Noli, an old fishing village on the coast west of Savona.  All four of us started with the Troffie Genovese, small twisted noodles made from the same potato flour as gnocchi, mixed with green beans and pieces of boiled potato, all dressed with a light pesto that really tasted of basil. 

Then two of us had the seafood mixed grill: a small whole branzino (loup or sea bass,) two types of shrimp and squid. panorama-noli.jpg One had the fried calamari (squid) and one had a branzino baked in a sliced potato crust.  All were good.  We had a bottle of the local Pigato, which wasn’t very good, and a bottle of the local Vermintino, which was quite good. 

The restaurant is at via Sartorio 4, an alley in the middle of town.  It was quite friendly and we were happy we found it. 


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