Auberge de la Madone – Peillon

April 3, 2006

04 93 79 91 17.

On a warm day, there aren’t many better spots for lunch than this terrace high up in the hills behind Nice, but only a 30-minute drive with the last ten winding up to the perched village of Peillon. There are three menus, 30, 48 and 60 euros, and they change frequently. The smallestmadone1200wq15.jpg menu, was just a starter, a main, dessert and a glass of wine.  We opted for the middle one which included a warm vichyssoise, a tourte de blette with a piece of warm foie gras resting on it, fish with zucchini beignets and a zucchini gratin as well as a little extra loup, and then a choice of dessert.  If we had chosen the big menu we would have had a roast lamb course after the fish and started with asparagus with scallops.  Everything was quite good. 

From the small wine list, we chose their selection, a Côtes de Provençe Chateau Peyrassol 2003 which was very good.


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