Le Ballon des Ternes – Paris

January 21, 2006

On January 16, 2006, three of us went to Le Ballon des Ternes, 103 avenue des Ternes, in the 17e.   The menu is widely varied and typically bistrot, featuring oysters and other seafood.  It is not unique, by any means, in Paris, or ternesa.jpgmost northern French cities, but is reliable and sympathique.  Located on the other end of the avenue from the Place des Ternes, it is quite close to Porte Maillot, with its Métro stop and convention center.  We were told that during a convention it is essential to reserve ( and that one should arrive by 8:00.  But we got there at 8:30 and didn’t have to wait long for our oysters.  The service was friendly and efficient throughout the evening. The featured oysters were No. 3 Speciales de Marennes from Utah Beach.  We shared a dozen.  They were very fresh and had an excellent, strong classic oyster flavour.  We also shared six Belons and six Fines de Claires; they were both more elegant than the Speciales, in different ways, but not as satisfying to me.   I then had a superb sole meunière, very fresh and done classically; there was a good side dish of spinach.  Linda had very nice, classic quenelles de brochet, sauce Nantua.   We had two bottles of their Muscadet-sur-lie, which went perfectly.  The total bill was 60 € each, which is very reasonable for a good meal in Paris.  MR


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